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Education Resources

Resources for Educators, Students, Parents, and the Community

During the Spring and Summer of 2020, Michael DeNobile was participating in this administrative internship through the College of St. Rose's Center for Integrated Training & Education Program. The following pages were part of the original internship project, which was building a website for the schools inside the Theodore Roosevelt Gathings campus. A year after the project, DeNobile retained the rights to the domain and built "" The contents from the original project are available below. DeNobile has also added additional resources here since launching "" in August 2020.

Resources from the Original Administrative Internship

Culturally Responsive PDA self-paced professional development on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Operational DefinitionsOperational definitions for accountability, equity, and social justice
Bronx ResourcesCommunity resources in the South Bronx and surrounding area
#BLM ResourcesIn the wake of the murder of George Floyd, these were compiled resources for teaching about race relations, Black history, and social justice
COVID-19 ResourcesResources related to COVID-19 and the pandemic
Co-TeachingCo-teaching models and how to do them

More Education Resources

Coming Soon!

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